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    Vilma E. Matos, LCSW-R, Certified Bilingual School Social Worker (Retired), Presenter

    Founder of ELL Games, Inc. & Latino Immigrant Consultation Services

    Email: ELLGamesinc@gmail.com

    Phone: 631 807-2822 

    1) “Therapeutic Implications When Working With Latino Immigrant Youth and Their Families” (2 or 3 Hours) – A PowerPoint Presentation for mental health workers and supervisors. The workshop reviews the traumatic journey that unaccompanied minors go through to get to this country. It then addresses the emotional and psychological impact of migration to include acculturation issues that may cause interruption in their daily functioning as well as the difficulties with family reunification. Culturally relevant mental health engagement, assessment and intervention techniques will be offered. A case study will be presented in the 3 hour presentation.


    2) "Challenges for the Hispanic Immigrant Youth and What Can Be Done to Help" (2 hours) - A PowerPoint Presentation for school staff. Attendees will learn about the actual journey the youth undertake to get to this country and the implications of their arrival to this country and what staff can do to support them in their acclimation to a new country and school.


    3) "How to Reunite the Immigrant Family after Years of Separation" (1½ hours) - A PowerPoint Presentation in Spanish/English for immigrant families and clinicians. Many immigrant children have been separated from their parents for many years prior to being reunited in the USA. This workshop deals with the dynamics and stressors facing theses families and what can be done to help them reunite in a healthy, understanding and loving way.


    4) "How to Conduct Newcomer Support Groups for Latino Immigrant Youth in Schools, Clinics or Community Agencies" (2 hours) - A PowerPoint Presentation. An overview of the journey and social/emotional issues facing this population will be presented as well as culturally relevant activities to address their needs. A board game Ms. Matos designed, "My Journey to the United States - Mis Pasos a los Estados Unidos©, to help them process and adjust to the impact of immigrating to a new country will be introduced .


    Rosa Bramble Weed, LCSW-R

    Contact Information: 917 501-2894


    1) Understanding Trauma and PTSD -- Trauma is now more familiar to the everyday person than it has ever been. Very few of us are unaware of and untouched by trauma. Participants will learn about the nature of trauma, how trauma impacts the brain and body and what makes some people more vulnerable to the longer term effects of trauma. This presentation will enable you to understand posttraumatic stress disorder and how it is treated. The course will underscore the importance of trauma informed service delivery.


    2) Vicarious Trauma -- Trauma not only affects those exposed, but also those who provide services to them. Symptoms of Vicarious Trauma (VT) resemble those of trauma: high physiological arousal, fear, panic attacks, feeling insecure, intrusive images, nightmares, avoidance, numbing and even depression. At risk for VT are people who are close to trauma survivors such as community providers, case managers, school personnel, and child welfare staff. In this workshop, we will discuss the origins and effects of VT, and explore ways of working with it. The guiding question will be how to stay compassionate towards the traumatic experience of clients while maintaining strength, resilience, and confidence.

    3) Breath-Body-Mind Workshop -- Whether administrators, managers or direct service staff, the stress associated with service delivery is enormous. The workshop will help participants gain insight of stress, the physiological response of stress and learning when stress is creating an imbalance. The participants will be introduced to BBM, which embraces specific techniques, primarily focused on Coherent Breathing, that with balanced amount of breaths per minute, restoration and balanced is restored. The goal is for participants to experience how they can control breathing in order to effectively manage stress in their lives.

    4) Trauma Informed Services Delivery in Maternal Child Health -- Participants will gain understanding of the impact of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on maternal and infant mental health.

    5) Trauma informed Service Delivery to Immigrants and Refugees. In this workshop participants will gain understanding of pre-migratory trauma, trauma during migration and post traumatic experiences experienced by undocumented immigrants and refugees. Service delivery that is culturally competent and trauma informed will provide a sense of safety and begin the journey of healing for these vulnerable populations.

    6) Psycho-Education of Trauma and PTSD series -- In a series of six workshops, participants learn about trauma, PTSD, their triggers and learn skills to self regulate and begin the journey of healing. This series can be integrated to existing groups or offered in a separate series.

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    Maria Elisa Cuadra-Fernandez, LCSW-R, ACSW, CASAC, CPP

    Contact Information: 516 637-1205

                                         516 466-2509




    1) Trauma


    2) Cultural Fluency


    3) Addictions, Family Therapy


    4) Human Development (Birth through Death)


    5) Grant Writing


    6) Spanish Language Communication for Human Services


    7) Assessment and Diagnosis, Mental Status Evaluation


    8) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy