• Scholarship Information

    We are not accepting applications at this time.

    We are excited to resume receiving scholarship applications for 2025.  


    NAPRHSW has awarded over $130,000 in scholarship funds

    to many deserving Latino students mover the past 35 years.  

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    Marcos Huerta

    2018 Scholarship Recipient

    Columbia University

    "Being selected as a recipient of this scholarship is truly an honor. After being admitted into a graduate program, finding a way to finance my studies has always been a challenge. Receiving this scholarship not only alleviated some of that financial stress, it also connected me with a network of devoted social workers who strongly believe in current and prospective social work students such as myself. I will forever be grateful with the National Association of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Social Workers for believing in me and being a part of my educational journey. I will not let you down!"


    Yamirelis Otero-Ramos

    2018 Scholarship Recipient

    Stony Brook University

    "I will be forever grateful to the NAPRHSW for this scholarship. Pursuing my MSW has brought incredible financial stress. This award will help alleviate that, so I am able to focus on building the skills I need to be a competent social worker. Thank you once again to the NAPRHSW for this opportunity and for building such an incredible support

    group within the Hispanic community to help empower and be the change we want to see in our society."

    Marcia P. Calle

    2018 Scholarship Recipient

    Columbia University

    "I am reaching out to thank NAPRHSW for the scholarship and the beautiful brunch. I really love the concept of the board game and I will share with others as well! I am very excited to part take on the upcoming events.


    Most importantly, I appreciate that majority of the members were Spanish speaking, for the first time my parents felt very comfortable and understood everything that was spoken about during the event. They are still talking about how amazing this association is and how great the event was.


    Please reach out to me if you need any help with any events.


    Thank you so much."


    Past Recipients

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    Madeline Perez

    2017 Recipient

    I appreciate being selected as the Ruth Negron Gaines Memorial Scholarship Award winner. I am honored to be part of the NAPRHSW community, and look forward to representing the association on Columbia’s campus. This scholarship will allow me to participate in specialized training workshops focused on meeting the needs of immigrants and refugees. Like Ms. Gaines, I hope to leave a strong legacy to the social work profession.

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    Alison Verastegui

    2017 Recipient

    Thank you National Association of Puerto Rican Hispanic Social Workers! It means a lot to be one of the recipients of this scholarship. This will help me greatly with my student loans and commute to school. I am honored to be receiving this award and be apart of this wonderful community. Thank you again!

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    Cristina Arbucias

    2017 Recipient

    Receiving this scholarship is a great honor. It has helped me in many ways during my last year of my graduate program, such as paying for my books. This is a great opportunity that allows me to take a summer class for a trauma certification, which will not only help further my career, but also in achieving my dream of working with children and families a lot sooner. Thank you to the National Association of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Social Workers, you have made a positive impact in my schooling and most importantly in my career.

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    Diana Ayala

    2016 Recipient

    "Being chosen as a scholarship recipient was a huge honor for me. The scholarship has helped me greatly, where it has given me the opportunity to enhance my education and it has encouraged me to move forward in the social work profession. This opportunity has allowed me to be a part of the National Association of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Social Workers, and it has allowed me to connect with many different people in terms of my clients, colleagues and different groups and communities. Thanks again to the NAPRHSW."

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    Jasmine E. De Paula

    2016 Recipient

    "The NAPRHSW Scholarship was the very first scholarship I had ever applied for and was selected. The scholarship funds helped me tremendously with paying down loan debt for the semester. I was not aware of the association before winning the scholarship and it has been a blessing being apart of a wonderful network for Hispanic Social Workers. Thank you again NAPRHSW."


    Mark Graciani

    2015 Recipient

    "I want to thank you again for the scholarship. I utilize this money for many things like books, supplies, and clothing. I also plan on using some to possibly take a summer course. Thanks again to the National Association of Puerto Rican/Hispanic Social Workers."

    Nubia Rodriguez

    2015 Recipient

    "This money will help me with part of the summer course I will be taking. This is a great help for me taking into account that my husband and I just recently bought a home and even this is a great blessing for our family, it is also a big financial challenge. This award is not only helping me but my entire family. Thank you so much"

    Application Process

    NAPRHSW offers annual scholarships only to first year MSW students who attend one of the following New York Universities: Adelphi University, Stony Brook University, Long Island University Post, Fordham University and Columbia University.

    Selection Criteria

    A postmarked date to receive application will be written once the plans are finalized.


    1. Must be a Bilingual/Bicultural Spanish speaking student.

    2. Must be a full time graduate student completing his/her first year and entering his/her second year at any of the following universities: Adelphi University, Stony Brook University, Long Island University Post, Fordham University and Columbia University.

    3. Must be present to receive the scholarship check on Long Island, New York when the date is finalized.

    4. Must be available to represent the association and be a liaison between the association and his/her university. This would include organizing a forum at the university so that a NAPRHSW board member can present to MSW students.

    5. Must be able to demonstrate a strong interest in community organization and community advocacy which could potentially impact the Latino Community.

    6. Must be in need of financial assistance.


    Please submit the following documentation:


    1. A cover page with vitals including name, address, email and telephone number.
    2. A current resume or bio.
    3. An essay of no more than two pages, double spaced. Within the context of the essay, the following statement must be completed. I am pursuing the social work profession because…; What the social work profession means to me…;As a social worker, I am interested in…; The social issues that I am most interested in are…
    4. One letter of recommendation from either a faculty member or field placement supervisor.
    5. A current transcript to demonstrate proficient academic performance.
    6. A letter from financial aid stating necessity.


    If selected as a recipient, we will need a suitable 4” X 6” picture and a short bio (1 or 2 paragraphs) by March 4, 2025.


    For any questions contact Lois Logan at naprhsw.info@gmail.com


    Packet to be postmarked no later than February 9, 2025.



    Thank you and Good Luck