• Our Mission

    Organize Social Workers and Related Health Services professionals to strengthen, develop and improve the resources and services available to best meet the needs of the communities we serve.

    Congratulations to Our 2018 Scholarship Recipients

    Yamirelis Otero-Ramos - Stony Brook University

    Jocelyn Alicea - Fordham University

    Marcia Calle - Columbia University

    Marcos Huerta - Columbia University

    Strength in numbers

    Serving our community for over 30 years

    Together our Membership fought with community leaders to defeat English Only measure in NY ensuring that everyone has a right to access services in their native language whenever possible.

    Giving Back

    Awarded over $120,000 in scholarship funds.

    Our membership has raised and awarded over $120k in scholarship funds to MSW students. Together our membership has worked with community leaders to ensure the next generation of social workers has every opportunity to succeed. Want to learn more about our scholarship programs and how to apply, click here.